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Michael D’Angelo

Representing ScentsAbility as our Spokesperson is one of Michael’s favorite jobs. His passion for the Company, the products and the mission are genuine and he speaks from the heart. While Michael is often serious… he knows how to have fun; especially when there is music playing. His favorite music is country – but when Billy Joel or Michael Buble comes on Michael electrifies the room with his beautiful singing voice.

Born with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, Michael’s intellectual disabilities do not stop him from being independent. He can cook, do laundry, take a bus, read and write; and he has had several jobs prior to joining ScentsAbility; where he has found his forever job. Michael is a natural salesperson and LOVES to talk to … everyone! Ironically his “honey” for the last six years is our loving leader, Jessica Schmidt; together they can probably break the Guinness Record for consecutive hours talking!

Michael LOVES sports and participates in many Special Olympic Sports including flag football, soccer, and skiing. He has a wall of medals; including lots of Gold! His favorite time at ScentsAbility is when we have events and he gets to sell and talk to lots of new customers. Michael is a shining light on our path to independence.